John Calvin Abney - Better Luck (Vinyl)

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The vinyl release of John Calvin Abney's Better Luck album. $25 w/free shipping inside the US. International orders should inquire at

As universal as the grieving process for a lost love is, there is also something very personal about it -- the details of courtship, the secret dialogue between lovers, the delicate dance towards disassociation and, afterwards, the regret, the aching regret despite knowing it’s all somehow for the best. The break-up album is a tested form that crosses time and genre and lends us a yardstick by which we might measure an artist and songwriter’s potential based on how he or she fares in such well-traveled and emotionally choppy waters. John Calvin Abney’s debut full-length release, Better Luck, takes on these expectations while providing enough unexpected diversions along the way, both musically and lyrically, to keep us guessing as to its out come. Better Luck is an album that reveals itself in full with repeated spins on the turntable. A self-indicted perfectionist, Abney puts his faith in his band and his vision to capture authentic moments on tape and the effort pays off big by the close of the final side. Expertly co-produced at Tiny Telephones studio by engineer Jacob Winik, collaborator John Moreland and Abney, this collection of songs, captured in nine days, stand as more than just a document of a time in Abney’s life that is now behind him. Better Luck is an ambitious introduction to John Calvin Abney’s many and considerable talents and, without a doubt, an compelling opening chapter to his songwriting and recording career that demands another before the last notes of the album fade.